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R e d  C i r c l e  N e w  Y o r k





The Red Circle Gallery is a new Private Gallery located in East Harlem. We are having our artists preview show this upcoming Halloween weekend :

Nov 2 from Noon to 9pm and Nov 3rd from 10am to 7 pm.

We will be showing works in painting, photography, & music.



Artists Preview Weekend (Nov 2-3)

Shaneika Marson

Art has always been in my life and as I grew older my interests in art became more passionate. Although I was never formally trained reading up on as many art forms as I could and taking in from my favorite artists has developed my craft. The influences from my favorite artists such as Basquiat, Haring and Pollock has definitely shaped my artwork to some extent. Art is about having no boundaries and raw expression. I feel my work expresses that and is and always will be ever changing. I only hope to grow with my creativity.

Jeff Musillo


Peter Zonis

Peter Zonis' depictions of local landmarks and his use of open space to promote his craft help to highlight the beauty of our city and the importance of the arts.


Peter's Celebrity clients include Joan Rivers, Fran Drescher, Dustin Hoffman, Tony Bennet, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Anka and many more.

Eric Staats

From the works of New Haven based artist and illustrator, Eric James Staats.  During the last two decades Eric has shown his art throughout New England galleries and his works hang in many private collections throughout the world.  His travels have taken him far and wide and his art reflects many of his travels home and aboard.  There is also a sense of stillness in the paintings and at the same time, capture our innermost thoughts and dreams.  These are not your traditional contemporary paintings, rather his works brings you back to another time, a time where the artist's paintings were not his works but his life.  As said so well by Denise Markonish, Curator


"So there it is, a painter like none other, one who manages to stop time, to make us really scrutinize the moment and see with in it all of the hopes, desires, failures and dreams in the recesses of our minds".

JT Liss Photography

If a new thought can enter the mind, even for a brief moment, then change has a chance.  J.T. Liss Photography for Social Change was created out of a need to do something bigger than photography. Using photography and turning it into advocacy, helping others in need, and allowing art to spread positivity


Daevid Mendivil

I enjoy exploring all different types of art, because you can communicate completely different things through each one of them. If i'm able to proficiently express through different mediums, there is no feeling, thought, dream or idea I can't get through to someone else.
My personal goal as a well-rounded artist is to transmit something to others, and share what I'm feeling or thinking.
Art has transformed my life thanks to the things I've felt when experiencing art by others. This has inspired me throughout life, and inspired me to create. I hope to be able to touch others through my art.



Gylliayn Art

Translating awareness through Art

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