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R e d  C i r c l e  N e w  Y o r k


Team Up With Us For Effective Fundraising!

Fundraising with Red Circle Gallery is easy, profitable, fun and perfect for any school or group - big or small, no matter what your group is for. Whether you're a small school or large organization, we are dedicated to making your next fundraiser a success.

After all, who doesn't love art?


The process is simple and we will guide you everystep of the way. We help your organization raise funds while providing something of value to your supporters. 


All of our fundraising takes place online and you DON'T NEED TO PURCHASE or invest ANY money to begin fundraisng with us. All you need is to direct customers to our website with your unique discount code and generate sales, and you get commission on sales  of as little as $10 bucks!!

Customers using your unique code will save money when purchasing art, and your code will help us keep track of all the sales you generated. For each sale you get a commission (20%-40%  depending on the specific art sold) and at the end of our Fundraising Term, we will send you a check or money order with the amount that you raised! 

Art in our shop starts at $10, so making a sale is not very hard!

You can try and sell the art or prints of art we have readily available or for a small $20 set up fee, we can make custom art prints related to your school, team or group!

Original art is also available for sale in fundraising. such as portraits from photos and more! So the sky is the limit!


To request a Fundraising Code simply email us at: with the information below:


-Name of organization, school or group

-Description of your organization, school or groups cause or theme

-Tell us whether this is an open ended fundraiser or there is a deadline


There is no obligation for requesting this  code, and if you don't make any sales,  you don't lose any money.







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