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Live in a nice big bedroom, save on rent,

and experience living in a New York City

Art Space while supporting the arts!


Running an arts organization is very difficult and costly, so, to support our mission we offer a 'help you, help us' situation, where you get underpriced rent  while living in a nice large beautiful apartment/developing business with just one other roommate.

About the Space


The space is an art gallery as well as an arts and dance instruction center



Since the business is not an established

entity but a developing one, current use of it is minimal, below you will find a schedule that illustrates the actual usage of if as an art space.  

For more information about the space, please click here


About your living situation.


Basically your living situation is totally normal, except that instead of living in a tiny ny apartment, you get to live in a nice big loft, with lots of space to move!

There is a full working kitchen, and a normal bathroom.with a shower which you share with your roommate..

Instead of a living room though, the main (living room) or largest area of the apartment is for me to use as i see fit. (nothing crazy though!)

You are welcome to respectfully enjoy it when i don't use it however the priority of that space usage is based on what i have planned for it.

The Ideal candidate.


Becoming a roommate here is not rocket science. All you need is to be a cool, responsible, employed and financially able mate.


Perfect 'types'  would be a laid back, busy bee who has a full time job or school situation who wants a clean, safe place to lay their head, and doesn't mind either having lots of company as well as being on their own in a large home.

Maybe an interest in the arts would be good i guess and must be gay friendly..





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