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Designer - Daevid Mendivil


Daevid Mendivil's view of the world is fresh, multi-dimensional and free-spirited, allowing him to be open to different ways of experiencing design, life and art.  Daevid understands the needs of his clients and delivers effective design that helps them connect with their space and enables a better energy flow in it, whether its a working space or a home.


For more informaion about Daevid and all his different disciplines,

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What clients have to say.


"My customers say what brings them into the shop is that they can see that wall

you designed all the way from the outside and they think 'oh! that looks nice in there!'"


                                                             Reggie  - Juice Bar Business Client


"I love my room now! its so colorful and happy'"


                                                             Chloe  - Bedroom redesign client



"This living room used to be so boring, now I spend a lot more time in here because

it's beautiful and functional at the same time"


                                                             Peggy - Apartment design client



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