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R e d  C i r c l e  N e w  Y o r k


        The Red Circle Gallery is a new Private Gallery located Manhattan's Uptown East side. The newest art hub located in the area, Red Circle NY is an arts center, rather than just another gallery. 

       We  show, create, produce and encourage artists to create, interact and share. While we will be showing works of art, we will also be holding special events and classes in painting, photography, music, & dance, many scheduled by us but also privately held by renters.

      If you are interested in holding your event at the Red Circle Gallery, please read the following information and contact us with any questions you might have.




Rentals are available during normal business hours (8:00am to 8:00pm) Only by appointment


* Simple Room/Studio rental $20/hr  (No special set up required)










Evening event (5:00pm to 1:00am)

** Requires a room rental and a 3  staff members minimum (@$10-20/hr)

* Room rental $900

* Private Parties:

Open bar- Beer & wine $20.00/person/hour-

Open bar (well brands) $35.00/person/hour-

Open bar (premium) $45.00/person/hour-

Food would be an additional cost, but no minimum spend required

* Banquet menus outline options and pricing

* Reception style – 350 person capacity


Daytime event

(8 hrs between 8:00am to 7:00pm)

** Requires a room rental fee and 1 staff member minimum (@$20/hr)

* Room rental $400.00- Additional time after 5:00pm at $80.00 per hour

* For meetings, may be subject to additional fees for set up & equipment rental (i.e. tables)

* No minimum on food or beverage

* Refer to banquet menus for food options and pricing.


Security Deposit (minimum $200, price may vary depending on the event)

Event Insurance is required by the venue owner.You must supply your own third-party insurance.(Our helpful Eventup staff can help you find this.)


Additional Fees:

Cleaning Fee: $50.00 (Required) 

DJ booth usage $100.00

Chair rental: $ 3 per chair


General Terms


Rental times must include setup and breakdown. You may not access the space before your rental time, and must vacate it immediately at the end of your rental period. At the end of your rental, the space must be returned to its original condition. An additional cleanup fee will be charged if extraordinary maintenance needs to be done after your event. Rentals may be subject to additional fees according to the terms of the contract.


Availability and Reservations


50% Prepayment is necessary to guarantee a reservation. All rentals must be paid for in full  prior to usage.

Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to your reservation in order to receive your deposit back in full, cancellations made less than 30 days of the day of the event will only receive 50% of their deposit back. if cancellation is not made, the deposit becomes not refunadble in its entireity.


Usage Restrictions


Please be respectful of other renters and staff members. Nothing may be stored in any of the side studios and offices unless expressely written in your contract agreement, as well as any closets without prior arrangement with management. Storage is extremely limited. Management does not bear any responsibility for any items left behind, including those stored by permission. The volume of noise created by your rental must be kept at an acceptable level. No rosin, powder, or water is permitted on studio floors. No food or drinks in the space unless by prior arrangement with management. Please stay in the space assigned to you. If you move to or use another room for any purpose, additional rental fees will apply.








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